Monday, May 7, 2018

Ihsan's Leters - 7th Day of the third ten day of Winterwane 1572 MP

This is part of a series of letters a D&D character I play writes and keeps on his person. This one is a bit longer than what I plan for most. The character was too sick to write a letter at a natural stopping point. I missed the following session so am basing much of the details on what I have been told along with following the journal of another player in the group found here on reddit.

Honey Melon,

Much has happened since last we spoke. Fortune is with us. The troll hunters that tolerate me hunt other things as well. I get ahead of myself however.

Monday, April 23, 2018

Ihsan's Letters - 5th Day of the third ten day of Winterwane 1572 MP

These letters are for a D&D character. This is the first letter Ihsan wrote after meeting the other player characters

Ihsan's Letters

I started a new character in an existing Dungeons & Dragons game. I wanted to have him write letters outside of the game itself. Ihsan Yima Rostami is a stranger in a fictional land which is sort of like how people picture a medieval Transylvania. He never sends these letters anywhere.

Monday, March 26, 2018

My Thirty Day World Part Three - Villain

This is for day two of #My30DayWorld Today’s question is, “Who is the most nefarious villain of your world?"

There are a few big bads. If limiting it to mortals, the most famous is the Necromonger. This necromancer never remains dead. His spirit seems incapable of leaving Tyar. it is probably the Necromonger that would spring to most people’s minds. There are big bads more powerful, and more purposefully evil, but the Necromonger is the known quantity by the populace. The other names that might come to mind are Unan and Talvi, the two heads of the Celestial Reclamation whom have consumed, chased off, or enslaved most of the deities that have set on Tyar since their rise to power.

Most of the big villains have goals they consider worthy. Nylva, the Goddess of the Shadowfell may be the one exception in that she wants to merge the Shadowfell with Tyar. The Chronomancers want to survive and ruling is a byproduct of that. The Sun Quenchers are working to prevent the end of the current age by stopping the sun from leading Tyar to the Purge.

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Sunday, March 25, 2018

My Thirty Day World Part Two - World Name

This is for day two of #My30DayWorld Today’s question is, “What is the name of your world? Why is it called this?"

The world itself is called Tyar. This is the name of the creature the world encases. The people talk about Tyar the planet as a living thing even though they do not really see her any differently from other planets. In the view of the denizens, all planets are living. The magical energies Wizards and Druids tap into come directly from her.

The continent where the focus of the game occurs is called Mudar. It is thought to be the body of a dragon that grew old and tired. He decided to lay down one day. The continent the people call Mudar is only part of what was the dragon’s body.

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Saturday, March 24, 2018

My 30 Day World Part Day One - Elevator Pitch

This is for day one of #My30DayWorld Today’s question is, “What is the thirty second elevator pitch for your world?”

Dragons soar the skies of Tyar, a world built on top of the bones of previous civilizations that are little understood by the scholars of today. Getting to the technology of the past is dangerous yet profitable. The continent of Mudar is cut off from the rest of Tyar by the Wandering Border to the East while travelers that venture far from the shores of Mudar by sea never return. The Mudar Merger does its best to seek out solutions to combating the Wandering Border, a rolling fog bank which spews forth monsters, but their resources and influence vary with the whims of the various rulers of Mudar.

Friday, March 23, 2018

How to Mudar a Game

This is the lead up to my attempt at #My30DayWorld. You can read more about My 30 Day World here, and find the kickstarter that it is tied to here. I am not affiliated with Absolute Tabletop or any of their affiliates. I have never talked to any of them. I do watch some of the youtube videos the various contributors make.

I have not blogged in a while. Last September I got back into tabletop roleplaying games on a regular basis. I was approached by a stranger to be a game master (narrator) for a 90s Marvel themed Mutants & Masterminds game using roll20. That game is closing in on five hundred hours actual play time and I love it.

I currently run two Dungeons & Dragons games as well. One is Lost Mines of Phandelver for kids which is the first time I have actually ran an adventure written by somebody else, and a mature adults only D&D game. I play in a Masks, Scion, and D&D game. The D&D game is the only one of the three I do not run that occurs on a weekly basis. This is all a lead up to talking about that adult D&D game I am running.